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These pages are a collection of words and pictures of places on Earth, occasionally places that no longer exist. This site is not just a collection of photos, but also information about the places. These pages sometimes include drawings, maps, directions, and hours, all to help you find places to visit and inform you of why these places may be of historical significance. Because these photograph are used for reference for design work, they often include details.

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Road Trips

Road Trips
Road Trips is a collection of travel articles.

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The updating has gone slowly, but is complete except a few minor issues. Please let me know of any broken links. I will begin error checking and updating all the pages as soon as forwarding is in place.
I am behind with producing these pages and don't always write them in chronological order. Some of these pages are from trips some time ago and I may have missed a few.

New and recently updated pages can be found at the new home page.
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USA (older pages)

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