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National Parks Under Attack
This Web site doesn't like to take political stands, but now it is necessary.

The current administration wants to reduce the size and number of National Monuments and allow oil drilling and mining in National Parks for the first time since the system was established. If you prefer trees and streams to oil wells and pipelines, contact your representatives in Washington NOW and tell them to protect these Crown Jewels of America.

Places Earth extends sympathies and hopes to both the people fighting to restore their lives in Puerto Rica and to those who’s lives have been taken or disrupted by the shooting in Las Vegas. Also to hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, and other areas of the Gulf region. Also to the fire victims in California. So many disasters in short time, all made worse by climate change.

State Parks, Historic Sites, and Museums need your help.

Throughout the country, state parks, historic sites, museums, and similar institutions are struggling to continue operating. Because of general financial problems, many of these institutions are operating on a reduced schedule or in danger of closing. Some are being forced to sell off artifacts and property. Many will not weather these hard times without your help.

Places Earth urges everyone to support these vital and important public resources any way you can. Please donate your treasure, time, and talent. Write to your governor and other elected officials telling them to find a way to keep state parks open. It will be your loss.

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Atlantis Two

Computer model and renderings in SketchUp 8 by Kenneth A. Larson. All rights reserved. © 2013 - 2017.

Atlantis Two from Above
Atlantis Two was launched in 2048, an answer to the new world geologic structure. In 2019, as a result of over population and climate change, the world ran out of food and the ten year "Food War" followed. Millions of people died and many square miles of urban sprawl were returned to agriculture, at least where agriculture was still possible. Many of the golden southern cities, like Los Angels became uninhabitable amid rising temperatures and constant drought. The ocean rose and former coastal lands were flooded. All that remained of Florida were a few hundred square miles around Tallahassee. Thousands of islands were submerged.

Atlantis Two was the first experimental floating city. It used no land, generated power through wave movement, temperature gradients, solar, and wind. It could migrate to find food and water. Many engineers didnt think it could be built, but built it was and is now home to 15,000 people. The concept is simple. A large disk with mechanical and flotation systems below, residential, educational, and business above. Industry concentrates on harvesting the sea, research, intellectual development, and education. Some light manufacturing occurs in the lower section. Hydraulic impulse engines allow the city to move at about 2 knots when necessary.

The city was, at the time of its launching, the largest manufactured movable object on earth, or in this case, on water.

The main disk to Atlantis Two measures 885 meter in diameter.
The main deck rises 12 meters above sea level and the lowest point is 81 meters below sea level. The tallest tower rises to 74 meter above sea level.
Three large apartment complexes and three smaller are each 12 stories high and are home to most of the residents.
Six office/education buildings employ or educate many of the residents. Many residents are employed in the dozens of restaurant and commercial kiosks scattered across the main disk or floating docks, Approximately 1000 are employed below deck in manufacturing or maintenance. The remainder earn their living on the sea.

Superstitions about the "Unsinkable Titanic" prompted engineers to quickly dub Atlantis Two to be "Sink Resistant." The main disk is triple hull with many watertight compartments in the interior. The outer and lower compartments are storage with critical redundant systems in the inner compartments. The Sub-dock is double hull and in the case of severe flooding, can be detached. The 15 floating docks for private watercraft can be jettisoned in the event of severe flooding. In the event of an anticipated storm, boats under 11 meters can be lifted into a storage hold within the floating docks.

Transportation within Atlantis Two and recreation/exercise is primarily by walking. Each large building has access to the corridors of lever -1, just below the main deck. From here, all the main buildings can be reached safely even during a server storm. The small kiosk restaurants and shops do not have access to these corridors. Overhead trolley systems move materials and goods. A Grand Promenade surrounds the entire disk 4.5 meters below the main desk and 7.5 meters above sea level. This 2.5 kilometer circuit is a popular route for joggers and walkers - four laps are ten kilometers.

Most people travel to and from Atlantis Two in the small yellow submarines, the large tri-copters, or private boat. Ten years later, Neptune One was launched and at more than twice the size of Atlantis Two, included a 3 kilometer runway.
Sub-Dock Helipad
There are three ways to reach Atlantis Two, from below, from above, or at the surface. At above left is the Sub-Dock for commercial passenger submarines. Above right is one of three Heliports with a landing Tricopter, one of two aircraft that routinely transport passengers to the city by air. Below left is one of the fifteen private watercraft docks and below right is the Cargo dock.
Floating Dock #3 Cargo Dock
Apartment Canyon Apartment Canyon
Canyons through one of the apartment blocks.
Plaza Plaza
One of three Plaza areas contianing restaurant and shopping kiosks. A Heliport and Tricopter is beyond.
The Docks
The Docks.
Looking Down
Looking down on one of the Plazas from a 12th floor apartment.
Walking through the Plaza
Walking through the Plaza.

Looking along the Prominade.
Approaching by Boat
Approaching by boat.

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